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Red Eye Crocodile Skinks


Tribolonotus gracilis aka Red Eye Croc Skink aka "Those dragon looking things"

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 These critters are very shy yet really cool to show off. They are a dusk/dawn species and you will rarely see them out, unless you are a vampire sort of person. They have some interesting quirks and lend themselves to creative cage building if you are in the mood for it. 

These reptiles are semi arboreal and semi aquatic and they burrow. What this means if you are going to get one or two is that you need a tank that you can place branches or decorations that they can climb on, put in an area of around 4 inches of substrate and provide some form of a pond. Whether it be you go all out and make a pond with a little pump or put a rubbermaid dish with water in it, either way the skinks will be happy. They tend to skitter into the water or under something when they are startled so you need to provide lots of hiding places. 

Croc skinks have a reputation of being hard to breed, I have pretty much just left my pair alone other than feeding, misting and tank maintenance and have gotten 5 eggs out of them in the past year so they are not hard to breed, you just need to not pester them. They only lay one egg at a time and about 3 or so months apart so they are not fast reproducers at any rate. They will bury their egg in the tank so make sure when you clean it you check for eggs on a regular basis if you have a pair. 

The babies take about 3 years to mature. The area around their eyes gets progressively redder as they age. The full red color is a sign of maturity. You can keep the babies together in a tank for quite awhile and they seem to not show aggression towards each other. A mated pair you can keep together but I would not keep two males or one male and two females together. The females are known to guard their nests so it could get messy if you have two females in a tank.

I have my breeding pair in a 40 gallon "breeder" tank, 1/2 the tank has about 4 inches of substrate and the other 1/2 has a rubbermaid tub with water in it. In the water tub I have riverstones along the bottom and fake branch on top to allow them to climb in and out. I also have some cork bark and a tree decoration for them to climb up on if they wish.

I usually find them under decorations when they are not out at night. 

Mine eat roaches. crickets and any sort of worm (phoenix or mealworms). 

I mist the tank 3 or so times a day and about once a month resoak the tank to make sure the substrate is damp as these guys are river side dwellers in their natural habitat.

They like temps between 78-84 and the eggs incubate at room temp. I hope you like the croc skinks and we will always have one or two for sale during the year. 

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